Bright & Airy Preset Collection




Instablogger Preset Collection for Mobile is the perfect combination for an aesthetic Instagram feed.
This collection Includes 5 custom presets for use on the Lr Mobile app, which is very easy to use and
flexible. These presets can be applied to any image on your mobile phone to create a beautifully
aesthetic edit. Boost your photography with one click and level up like a pro!
I’ve written an article with a few simple steps “How to install Lightroom Presets, that shows all the steps
you need to follow for installing presets on your Mobile Lr app.
Please remember that Lr mobile presets may look different on every image depending on weather and
lighting. Consider the lighting, colors, subjects when deciding which image to apply the preset to. These
DNG presets are fully customizable and easy to adjust if needed from Lr settings.
These presets are designed for the Lr Mobile and they’re not compatible on desktop software.


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