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How To Install Lightroom Presets On Your Mobile Phone

Hey there! Here I’ll show you step by step how you’ll install the preset on your mobile Lightroom. It’s the easiest to install and use! These presets work on any kind of smartphone and can be easily customized however you like to increase little bit saturation or sharpness anything!

I’ll be showing a guide here using my FREE mobile Lightroom Presets theme, which is Bright & Airy. This preset works so well with almost any photo. However, it might not suit any night shots or grainy images. This preset will brighten the look of your picture without creating any harsh tones. This preset instantly brightens and softens the image and gives an aesthetic look! 

Either you buy my presets or grab the free one, it’s the same simple method to follow.

After you download my MOBILE LIGHTROOM PRESET via email, open the email up on your phone. Go ahead and click the link. It will open up a Google Drive folder. It will look like this:

Once opened, click the button in the middle right to download. This will open up a new page. It should ask you to “Open in Lightroom CC”. Click on the link. Or you can take it to Lightroom from your picture gallery too just as you transfer your regular photos. 

Once you take it to Lightroom CC and you will see the edited photo, this gives you the ability to copy those settings to then use on your photos. On the top right you’ll see the three buttons and click “create preset”.

Name your preset and make sure all the boxes are checked. You can also pick a preset group if you’d like or just save it under User Presets.

Repeat this process for the other presets.

When you want to use the preset on a p犀利士 hoto, upload your image in Lightroom and edit it. Scroll to the right and click on “Presets” to use the preset on the photo.

That’s it! 

Let me know in comments or email if you have any questions.

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