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Important Things To Know Before Flying A Drone

Before you fly:

Register your drone – if needed register with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or more details to fly in Canada & registration check this –

The registration fee is only $5. Drones under 250 g do not need to be registered. Therefore, I didn’t have to register my DJI Mavic Mini which is exactly 249g and another reason to buy this. 

Install the required app and setup the drone

I found DJI app is really user friendly and convenient to use! I suggest you set up everything and practice trial flight indoor or open parking lots to get the necessary knowledge requirements before you go outside. 

Check and understand your legal requirements when flying drones

This is so important to check and understand because every place has different laws and restrictions. With DJI it’s so helpful since it gives automatic pop up alert if there’s any restriction. I tried to fly inside the city at the very beginning then realized there’s a limit which is automatically set by DJI and even though I was trying to fly high it wasn’t increasing the limit. So yeah DJI has built in law regulation sync with every country I believe. Always follow your drone manufacturer’s instructions.

Be aware of the area where you will fly

You always need to check and follow the area rules. If you see there’s a prohibited sign to fly a drone, don’t fly to avoid a big penalty.

Set up and update Home always

I found this super helpful to update home location first then fly! I had an incident once and my drone was out of control. It was flying by itself and I had so much trouble keeping it down only because I forgot to update location. So to avoid random landing, it’s important.

Be wise with location selection

Inside cities, mostly there’s restrictions. You may want to fly a little far away from buildings and schools to avoid penalties. Choose an open wide space where there are no long trees and buildings. Also, I don’t recommend forest too.

Always check weather forecast 

This is super important. Windy weather and rain is crucial for flying drones. I always check the weather first, then fly!

Other things to keep in mind

  • Check your drone’s battery capacity. Don’t keep flying if you receive warning and land as soon as possible. Also, don’t fly if there’s low battery thinking it will be okay for 5mins. just don’t! I had super bad experience XD
  • Always keep Up to date the firmware on your drone and controller

If you’re from Canada, for more details check –

Have fun with flying! 

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