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Best Self-help Books You Need to Read

Best Self Help Books
best self help books

Are you someone trying to improve your personal development or just need some boost to grow confidence? I had downtime for a long time and I was looking for a way out to find myself again. I was losing my self-esteem, how to interact with people as an ambivert, and so on. All I knew that was a trial period and I’ll always come back with a bigger force. I was neglecting self-care and was stuck in boundaries. But, I’m loving to share with you now, how I helped myself. One piece of advice I’ll be always sharing that there’s no one who can help you until you want to help yourself. The willpower & passion to be alive again make the whole universe works for you when you commit to yourself that you want the change!

I’ve been always a bookworm since my childhood. With busy life working full time, I barely could find time to read a book. But as I said, I committed and fought for myself to bring back my past happy self. I started reading books again 4/5 pages every day whenever I get some time. I can’t emphasize enough how much it changed my perspective and helped me on my personal growth journey.

Here are some books that I’ve read and I highly recommend reading them one by one. If you can, read them 2/3times if needed!

I want to share one life hack if you’re really want to see some changes within you… that is DON’T JUST CONSUME, REFLECT IN A TIMELY MANNER TOO!! YES!! Trust me this works like magic. Whenever you read something that is telling you to follow the way or practice accordingly; do practice first then turn to other pages of your 犀利士 book! When you practice something for few days, it becomes a habit after few days, and it’s something you’ll hardly forget.

I’ve been looking for more books to read now. Share your suggestions if you’ve read any and found it was great!

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  1. I’m familiar with all of these except Atomic Habit and 12 Rules! Thanks for the share. (I’ve read summaries (kindof cliff notes) of the others on Blinkist and elsewhere.)

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