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Why You need to take a social media break

It’s just like a normal day, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you touch is your phone! Not that I do but I used to do this and most of us do the same.

Then you scroll your social media like Facebook, Instagram even emails and you may come around with something that you didn’t like or made you upset, or may be nothing; you just started to feel overwhelmed.

This happens once in a while with every one of us. And when this happens you have to understand, IT’S THE TIME to take a break from technology.

So, here are a few reasons why digital detox is important:

To maintain peaceful mind state

I couldn’t emphasize more on this more because social media is making us feel competitive day by day. It gives a feeling that we’re in a race even if we are not! We’re spending a lot of time on social media just by looking at someone’s life without even understanding what’s happening in real life. We become the judge of the invisible world and non-existence witnesses and blame ourselves culprits for nothing! This is why to maintain a peaceful mind state, social media break is important. So, we get the chance to realize every person is incomparable and we are not in a competition.

Focus on mental health

Mental health is exactly as important as our physical health. Like occasionally checking up with doctors, we also need to check up on our mental state once in a while. Like hey, I see you okay? You’re not being ignorant.

During detoxification, we can ask ourselves if we are happy with what we are doing and if there are any changes we need to make, etc. just to ensure you don’t feel missing out.

Take time for personal observation, going over mindfulness is the best way to make a good understanding with yourself.

Personal growth and enrich spirituality 

Since social media consumes a lot of time from our daily lives, you may be delaying your goals犀利士 or plans without even realizing what is supposed to be done.

This break can help you to get things together and organize what you want to focus on. You may pick a hobby or do anything that you always wanted to start.

Spend time with family and connect with real world

We can improve relationships by appreciating the blessings we have in our life. Most of the time we’re on the phone during dinner or even in parties. If we pause for a moment and connect with real people in our lives, we can make a lot of things better and enjoy the moment way more.

Understand the reason for you to use social media

You need to understand and make things clear with you so you stay honest with yourself by asking why I’m using social media and how it’s benefiting me.

When you answer this, you will know where you should put the priority. For example, if I ask myself…. Why and how important is it to me……

I have my whole family back home and most of the childhood friends are on Facebook. I don’t have time to call or text each person to know their updates, but to keep up the network when I see their posts, stories I get to know automatically how they’re doing and etc. So, this is helpful. This helps me to avoid maintaining calling and asking for their updates unless I see they’re in trouble and need some help.

I love traveling, food, trying new things, taking pictures, etc.! My IG was private for more than 4yrs and I always kept sharing things I was doing then I made it public when I was confident to do so and wanted to make new friends.

I thought I may help a lot of people by sharing my experiences and tips. These were my reasons and passions to inspire people to enjoy life.

If you’re not providing any value or not there for learning, it takes you to a different direction where social media makes you a consumer so you only watch someone else’s things without learning and ultimately that causes depression and low self-esteem.

To control the addiction

When we’re obsessed with social media and always online, sharing thousands of information’s every single day without knowing the real truth behind; it could be reason of your restless feeling and trigger anxiety end of the day. Can you imagine, you’re out of network for a week and do you have a plan for what you would do? If you get anxious just by thinking about this, yeah, you’re addicted to social media and Any kind of excessiveness is not good for the overall body & mind.

What do you think? Have you tried a detox from social media before? What happened? Let us know in the comments.

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